Introducing Source2resource...

'Giving a hand up not a hand out'

Having worked with local communities in developing countries over the last ten years, the directors of Source2Resource identified an important need to create something special in the market place that could be used to help build and support the work of humanitarian and community-based projects around the world.  This strong desire to help give a hand up to local communities across the globe marked the beginning of Source2Resource.
Source2Resource is a company established to source quality products under our "fair deal, fair trade, ethically sourced" buying principles, delivering them to the market-place in a simple, effective and professional way, enabling much needed resources to be provided to developing communities around the world.

‘Fair Deal, fair trade, ethically sourced’ buying principles

We are committed to encouraging growers to produce a quality product that will demand a premium price in the market place, creating a sustainable future for all involved.  Sourcing quality products and giving a premium price to growers, allows them to make better choices about working conditions, education for their workers and families, and enhancing their environmental working practices.  It also encourages them to invest in their business, thereby building a sustainable future not only for their businesses, but also the communities in which they are based.  

In short, a fair deal means a fair and ethical trade for growers... quality products - better prices - sustainable futures. 

We believe that our Fair Deal products meet the many demands of today’s socially aware consumers. However, as it unusual to find an approach where ‘one size fits all’, Source2Resource has forged links with other like-minded organisations that cover the financial, social and environmental issues associated with the production and supply of tea and coffee. These include the Fairtrade Foundation, the Rainforest Alliance (of which ECO-OK is a part), Utz Kapeh and the Ethical Tea Partnership.

Changing Lives Projects

For every product that is purchased from Source2Resource, *10% will also be contributed to Changing Lives Projects – an organisation with a heart and vision for meeting the practical, financial, physical, educational, emotional and spiritual needs of local communities around the world.
Changing Lives Projects is a UK-registered, charitable organisation established to serve and assist those already working on the ground in various countries through partnership projects. In doing so, we are ‘giving a hand up, not a hand out’ to indigenous peoples across the globe. They are being supported in building self-sustaining local businesses generating constant income streams; education facilities being built are ensuring that new generations are being given the opportunity to learn, to grow and develop, both socially and spiritually; and by supporting local infrastructure projects, the social welfare of local communities is being enhanced.

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