Source2Resource is a company based in Ireland dedicated to sourcing quality products from developing countries around the world, using our fair deal, fair trade, ethically traded buying principles.

In short, a fair deal means a fair trade for growers...quality products - better prices - sustainable futures...

Our Vision It is the dream of touching, impacting and changing the lives of people and communities in every continent around the world, through the work of our organisation. It is the dream of supporting the growers and producers of our sourced products.  

We have a responsibility to give our producers a fair deal and we will do all that we can to make this a reality. It is the dream of exceeding the wildest expectations of all our customers in the quality produce and the level of service that they will receive from the Source2Resource family

In recent weeks we have had the opportunity to return to Uganda with a small team to visit the various churches, schools and projects that CHANGING LIVES PROJECTS has supported over the years.

In the weeks and months prior to the team going we have been involved in fund raising of various kinds.......more